Quantillion Technologies B.V.

Rotsoord 3, 3523 CL Utrecht (NL)

Quantillion builds smart automation technology for heavy industry

We build technology that empowers industrial organisations to unlock and connect data in order to drive efficiency and safety.

Our approach is two-tier. As the foundation for our services, we provide a data platform for aggregation, linking and cleaning. On top of this strong foundation we develop tailored built-to-scale point solutions, that solve client-specific issues.

We have created AI-powered solutions that harness the power of state-of-the-art techniques, such as image recognition, pattern recognition and predictive analytics. Each of these solutions drives powerful smart automation.

Interactive visualization

Interactive and visual user interface that enables operators to interact smoothly with data, ask better questions, and make better decisions on the factory floor.

Big data analysis

Our built-to-scale infrastructure enables you to integrate, manage and analyze data of any kind and from any source, creating business value right away.

Smart automation

Our proven technology and algorithms empower your organization to capitalize on the potential that Industry 4.0 has to offer right away.

Revolutionizing industry

Learn why accidents don't have to happen

Real-time analytics help with uncovering and predicting risks, anytime and anywhere. Discover the potential of combining images, logs and process information.

Breakthrough Insights

Leverage the potential of your data

Quantillion's platform unlocks data and generates real-time predictions, empowering primary heavy industry to work better and create more value.

Discover your hidden treasures

Only 1% of industrial data is currently being analysed

Create tangible insights from your data without big investments upfront, using our intuitive data integration platform and tailored solutions.