Artificial intelligence, real improvements.

Quantillion builds technology for primary metals industry that let every worker,
every machine and every plant use data to continuously and autonomously improve safety,
quality and output.

It’s all about doing

The Industrial AI and IoT platform that let you integrate artificial intelligence in your core operations, at the tip of your fingers. Integrate automated guided vehicles, process optimization or asset management. Ensure safety and reliability of complex processes.

The Qasthouse platform forms a seamless interface between all the disconnected processes in plants. We gather feedback from operators, vehicles and machines and use it to make other machines autonomously act on these insights and optimize continuously.

Safe, lean and clean. That’s the future of a smart heavy industry that we believe in.

We believe that by closing the loop between (autonomous) machines, operators and core processes we can create safer, better working environments that enable industries to focus on their core strengths – inventing and producing products that bring the world forward.

Industry 4.0

Connecting smart machines and let them work together

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