Smart equipment alone

does not yet make your factory smart


The industry is moving towards a new standard where machines and equipment are getting smarter. To work in an optimal way, agents need to cooperate and communicate with other (smart) devices and make sure they reach their common goal and succeed in their individual tasks. 

A smart factory lets equipment work together

to be able to adapt

With a good distribution of where decisions (by human and/or machine) are made, the integration of information and algorithms to support processes and equipment, Quantillion wants to help plants excel in efficiency and be able to adapt to unforeseen events and prevent bottlenecks.

Take for example the horizontal transport of material in your plant. It does not matter if you use manually driven, automated and/or autonomous vehicles, they all need to be aware of each other’s location, tasks and overall progress. With our solutions, efficient routes can be calculated and traffic can be prioritised. If a lane closes, all transport needs to be dynamically rerouted and involved operators or equipment have to be informed about potential delays.