Improve your flexibility to be able to adjust


Everyday energy consumption becomes a bigger topic within the industry. This can be due energy prices, governmental regulations or the desire to improve your carbon footprint. Therefore the industry needs to adapt to market demands, be more efficient in consumption and the distribution of energy. 

Being able to change production processes

to fit energy consumption and waste

Quantillion supports plants to become more dynamic in their production, so they can anticipate easily on energy price changes and use waste energy, which can reduce costs and emissions. 

Energy prices fluctuate over time, as a factory you can take advantage by adjusting your consumption to increase on low prices and decrease on high prices. Redundant or waste energy can be stored and (re)used when necessary. When you include the elements, communications and equipment, you increase efficiency even more and you create a true dynamic plant. Based on the energy input and production output (product & waste), you can advance your internal processes fully.