Making sure everyone and everything is aligned 


Making people and machine work together towards a shared goal enables plants and factories to be able to act on changing environments.

From human to machine

and machine to machine

Processes executed by human and/or machine happen both sequentially and in parallel. They depend on each other to confirm manufacturing can continue with the desired output. Based on this, we think communication is one of the main components in optimizing your core processes and verify that everyone and everything is on the same page. 

By aligning the communication, you can ensure that sequential operations move more seamlessly and thus decrease waiting times. With the harmonization of parallel processes you can confirm they work in sync and reduce unwanted interference. 

A good example can be found in the case when the end of line of a production is running behind and cannot keep up with their input. In these cases, you want schedules to be adjusted, users to be updated and resources to be reallocated. All this needs to be communicated. Also when production is getting backed up, the backlog needs to be processed in the most efficient way to ensure that production output goals can be reached.