Quantillion’s Key Elements:

Communication, Energy and Equipment

Enable plants to anticipate quickly and increase productivity, by making these individual elements smarter and empowering agents to interact and communicate in their dynamic environment.

Quantillion aims to improve processes in the heavy industry and to help plants become safer and more efficient. We focus on three key elements: Communication, Equipment and Energy. By combining these elements we believe you can build towards an autonomous factory that anticipates events and moves along with production demands.  

In factories and plants, many components have to work together with human interaction to make sure production meets demands with minimum risks and resources. Coordinating everything in factories while remaining flexible in case of unexpected events can present immense challenge especially when everyone involved is not in the same room and focused on their own processes. 

Quantillion solves these challenges with smart and innovative industry 4.0 solutions by ensuring equipment works and communicates together with operators. This allows equipment and operators to react to internal and external events, such as the change in energy and/or emission conditions.


Processes executed by humans and/or machines happen both sequentially and in parallel. They depend on each other to confirm manufacturing can continue with the desired output. Based on this, we think communication is one of the main components in optimizing your core processes and verifying that everyone and everything is on the same page. 


Energy consumption is becoming a bigger topic within the industry. This is due to energy prices, governmental regulations or the desire to improve the carbon footprint. Therefore the industry needs to adapt to market demands, be more efficient in consumption and distribution of energy. 


The industry is moving towards a new standard where machines and equipment are getting smarter. This is not enough, to work in an optimal way, agents need to cooperate and communicate with other (smart) devices and make sure they reach their common goal and succeed in their individual tasks. 

Communication + Energy + Equipment


Flexible and Profitable Operations