The Quantillion Platform

The Quantillion Platform is made to the requirements of the primary aluminium industry. We reimagined how aluminium smelters use their data, especially with rising (inter)connectivity in the era of Industry 4.0.

The Quantillion Platform helps to autonomize core operations by connecting all separate workflows and agents into one interface, with one layer of business logic and artificial intelligence, and an easy-to-use user interface for precise control and process management.

Our main objective is to remove the barriers that withhold subject matter experts from leveraging and acting on the realtime feedback from their core processes. We started out with integrating Automated Guided Vehicles to potroom management systems, and scaled from there on to different agents (e.g. cranes, skimming machines, metal treatment stations) as well as different workflows (e.g. casthouse, anode rodding shop, anode storage area).

The platform

To cater to the very specific needs of our clients, we have developed an Industrial-AI-as-a-service platform supplemented with client-specific modular solutions that lets you integrate industrial artificial intelligence in core processes in potroom, casthouse and rodding shop.

How it works


Autonomous Operations

Based on your data and our technology, we autonomously create orders and optimize workflows in your core processes.


Artificial Intelligence Solutions

Our platform contains a fundament of data integration and analytics, supplemented with client-specific modular AI solutions.


Data Integration

Your data and information from workflows is automatically gathered and structured on our platform.


End-to-end security:
one environment, zero hassle

All elements of the Quantillion Platform are end-to-end encrypted.

We implement dedicated and industry-tested access control and authentication measures on our environments to guarantee the security and reliability of your data.

Our approach Read our story

Challenge us

Quantillion builds technology for primary metals industry that let every worker, every machine and every plant use data to continuously and autonomously improve safety, quality and output.

If you are interested in what our Industrial AI platform can mean for your organization, we are here to help.

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