The Industrial AI Platform for primary metals industry.

We develop one technology platform for data ingest, integration and visualisation combined with industry-specific artificial intelligence and advanced analytics solutions. Our Qasthouse Platform is built to help smelters all over the world use artificial intelligence in an easy and controlled way to capture value immediately.

Qasthouse is built to answer the biggest questions of the primary metals industry.

Leading smelters worldwide are looking towards further automation as a value driver. Automation lowers operational expenses, streamlines operations and gives the certainty that allows to focus on core tasks. In the last years, we have seen a rapid increase in the interest for automation initiatives. Starting with auxiliary processes, automation has found its way more and more into the core processes in the potrooms and casthouses of primary aluminium producers. Successful examples are of course automated machines (e.g. skimming machines), but also automated guided vehicles (e.g. crucible transport and anode transport). Besides being a major value driver, automation is also a major challenge. To stay competitive it is not enough to have good ideas. To capture value we need to bring it all together. This is where flawless execution and seamless integration are key. We are here to guarantee that that happens successfully.

Mapping and visualization

Show work processes, statuses and plant traffic. All in real time.

Synchronizing, sharing and storing information

Create a seamless interface for automatically sharing the right information
with the right agents (operators and equipment alike) at the right time.

Decision support and prioritization

Stress test different scenarios and handle uncertainty proactively.

Dynamic traffic and process management

Make the automated parts of your workflow smarter, by making them
continuously adapt to change.

Scheduling and distribution

Optimize work order generation and scheduling, and integrate automated
vehicles and other automated equipment.

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