Quantillion at Future Aluminium Forum 2021

Quantillion presented at the Future Aluminium Forum 2021, that took place digitally on the 1st and 2nd of December. 

The virtual event addressed the challenges behind implementing Industry 4.0 technologies and demonstrated why building digital culture across an organisation is key to a fully digital transformation.

Quantillion’s presentation showcased how you can optimise and automate operations of a smelter with the implementation of our Traffic Management System (TMS) and Automated Guided Vehicles (AGVs).

Automated Guided Vehicles

The introduction of AGVs enables smelters to significantly reduce carbon emissions while also improving the quality of life for workers. But these vehicles need to communicate with other vehicles, traffic signals, and understand the surrounding environment so they can plan the best route. 

The AGVs need to take into consideration the route and priority of the other vehicles to ensure safe and efficient movement around the smelter. This is where a TMS comes into play. 

Optimised Fleet Management

Quantillion’s TMS provides the capability to manage a fleet of AGVs from the safety of an office. The TMS is designed to automate the creation, prioritisation and processing of orders, routes and obstacles. This collaborative intelligence approach makes sure the right vehicle or resource is in the right place, at the right time. 

Combining AGVs with a TMS allows smelters to create a safer working environment with less accidents and health hazards. They can stay nimble, react quickly to changes in demand or available resources, and leverage historical data to anticipate future demands.

Our Industry 4.0 technology makes sure operators, equipment and machines work together in the most flexible and harmonious way possible. Our cost effective, reliable and scalable solution is built to last. 

Reach out to us and discover what smart decision-making systems can do for your plant!