Ensuring Project Success

Feasibility Studies – Quantillion’s approach to success!

One of the approaches, used by Quantillion, to ensure successful execution of projects is Feasibility Studies. A feasibility study is an analysis performed prior to the start of the project and is used to investigate the viability of a potential investment.

Research, as well as our own experience, has shown that conducting a feasibility study prior to the start of the project increases the likelihood of completing the project successfully. Additionally, it improves project teams’ focus, provides valuable information for the “go/no go” decision and narrows down the business alternatives.

To guide an effective and efficient route to success, at Quantillion we use a clear three-step approach:

  1. In 8 weeks, we study your processes, workflows and infrastructure and search for technically feasible business cases with an payback period of two years. We carefully assess the economic, technical (It landscape, hardware), safety, risk, and other factors, depending on the specific project requirements.
  2. We roll out Quantillion solution(s) to lay the foundation for the found business case(s), and connect your current data infrastructure and systems (e.g. pot room management, MES).
  3. On top of the Quantillion solution(s), you can run your fully supported and integrated modular solutions that close the loop.

During this process we actively engage with all the parties involved to ensure that everyone is on the same page and that the potential solution is assessed from every angle, leaving no gaps. Various types of experts are involved in the process, including experts in primary metal industry, engineers, AI and robotics specialists, database experts etc.

Through a combination of this approach with our expertise and technology, Quantillion guarantees that you can use artificial intelligence to capture maximum value in your core operations!


  • It is important to conduct in depth research before starting the project as it allows to significantly increase its chances of success.
  • During the feasibility study Quantillion engages a diverse range of experts who dive deep into all the aspects of the problem/opportunity and the potential solutions.