Data Scientist

About us:

Pioneer in autonomizing industrial operations, Quantillion revolutionizes the way equipment and operators work together and the way workflows are optimized.

Quantillion’s software helps to autonomize core operations by connecting all separate workflows and agents, both humans and machines, into one easy-to-use use user interface, with one layer of business logic and artificial intelligence, for precise control and process management.

For the past 4 years, Quantillion has developed and deployed autonomous decision solutions using Artificial Intelligence and Robust Planning. Integrating it with our client’s business operations and IT, we create more profitable, more resilient and responsive operations.

Proud to be working with multiple equipment suppliers, we see ourselves as an integration partner in an international industrial sector. Headquartered in Amsterdam, our highly skilled and passionate people make sure to drive industry forward by putting data to work!

Job description:

We are looking for highly motivated people to build the road ahead and invent solutions to challenges never met before.

Beyond excellent technical skills, we are looking for the right attitude: ambition, creativity and perseverance.

In the role of Data Scientist, you will help Quantillion define what (business) challenges our heavy industry clients face now and in the future as well as design, test and develop data-intensive, data-lean, quantitative solutions for these challenges. Together with the development team, you will implement your insights and solutions to help create autonomous decision-making systems for optimizing processes, increasing output and decreasing the clients environmental footprint.

Your future responsibilities:

  • Gathering information from our clients to help formulate their challenges
  • Gathering and analyzing client data regarding their logistical behavior, their energy consumption, and their environmental footprint
  • Designing both data-heavy and data-lean quantitative solutions that aids in solving our clients’ challenges
  • Actually developing, coding, and testing the mission-critical solutions and algorithms.
  • Supporting our development team to implement successful solutions in our proprietary software
  • Giving simultaneous support with insights and ideas to both the business development team as well as the product development team
  • Researching new machine/deep learning, data science, and/or econometrics techniques / tools to be implemented in our future solutions
  • Improving and safe-guarding the full quantitative method architecture and data pipeline that is necessary to build quantitative solutions

Preferred experience:

There is no typical profile at Quantillion, we all come from different backgrounds and that is what makes us strong!

Do not hesitate to apply if you are motivated and believe you would be a great addition to our team!

We are looking for:

  • At least 1 year of hands-on experience in formulating, designing, and building quantitative solutions based on either data science, machine learning, AI, econometrics and/or some other quantitative modelling and analysis practice.
  • Background in or demonstrable affinity with a quantitative field (e.g. mathematics, physics, econometrics, operations research).
  • Someone who is not afraid to wrangle with (un)structured data.
  • Being familiar with applying the scientific way of thinking. That is, iterating over potential solutions for clients, developing hypotheses from ideas, testing these hypotheses by means of prototyping, etc.
  • Having a feeling for software engineering practices (basic idea of common algorithms and data structures).
  • Comfortable in working with relational as well as non-relational database management systems (e.g. SQL-like DBMS, MongoDB).
  • Experience with a general-purpose programming language (R or preferably Python), data wrangling libraries (e.g. NumPy, pandas, etc.) and data science / machine learning packages (e.g. SciPy/scikit-learn, TensorFlow and/or Keras, etc).
  • Someone who has an eye for / is interested in business (especially heavy industry) and who can simultaneously define client challenges and propose (quantitative-based) solutions for those challenges.
  • Someone who enjoys working in a multi-disciplinary team of both technical as well as non-technical people on solving problems.
  • Team player with positive attitude.
  • Familiarity with multicultural work environments, comfortable with the start-up culture.
  • Who makes sure that the best idea always wins and is not afraid to speak up if necessary.
  • Resilient, good communications and wants to excel.

Bonus points:

  • (Basic) Knowledge of software development
  • Interest in the heavy industry
  • Knowledge of motion planning and motion control (Robotics)
  • Basic knowledge of the (logistical) problems the field of operations research tries to solve

Recruitment process:

  1. Send us your motivation letter and CV
  2. 45 minutes call with the Recruitment Team
  3. After passing the first round, you will be invited to present a business plan (2 days prior we will send you information about the case that you will work with)
  4. 1 hour meeting with Hilbrand (CEO of Quantillion)

We will give you an answer 7 days after your interview (even if the answer is negative, it is good to have constructive feedback).

Any further questions?
If you have any specific questions, you can call us at +31 85 060 52 88 or reach out to us via