Innovating the Heavy Industry

Case Studies

Quantillion helps industries to adapt to changing environments and be flexible to fluctuating demands and resources with cutting-edge solutions.

Industry 4.0: Collective Intelligence
Connected, collaborative and smarter systems are shaping the future of Industry 4.0 where artificial and human intelligences complement each other.
Smart Logistics in the Pot Room
Aluminium plants are essentially a combination of logistical processes. Smart logistics applies Industry 4.0 technologies for existing smelters.
Smart Steel Manufacturing
It is becoming more important that the industrial sector, responsible for over 40% of the total energy consumption in the Netherlands, pays its share in the current environmental crisis.
Ensuring Project Success
One of the approaches, used by Quantillion, to ensure successful execution of projects is Feasibility Studies, which follow a clear three-step approach.
Flexible Factory Coordination
In factories and plants, many components are working together to make sure that the production meets the demand minimizing risks and resources.
Optimizing De-Icing Operations
Apart from its tremendous potential in the heavy industry, Data Science and Artificial Intelligence can also be used to optimize the de-icing operations.