Our approach

Quantillion guarantees with her expertise and technology that you can use artificial intelligence to capture maximum value in your core operations. To guide an effective and efficient route to success, we use a clear three-step approach:

In 8 weeks, we study your processes, workflows and infrastructure and search for technically feasible business cases with an payback period of two years.

We roll out the Quantillion Platform to lay the foundation for the found business case(s), and connect your current data infrastructure and systems (e.g. potroom management, MES).

On top of the Quantillion Platform, you can run your fully supported and integrated modular solutions that close the loop.

Impact & Results


Data aggregated and accessible in one ecosystem

Have your data more manageable and workable than ever


Strong and straightforward modelling and search functionality

Make it very easy and cheap to try out complex experiments


Create ever-improving systems that teach themselves

Leverage the inflow of realtime data to create an AI that learns


Deliver the best User Experience in the primary metals industry

Get the quickest roll-out and make it as easy as possible to get going


Seamlessly integrate due to open standards

Enables you to modularly add, change or supplement functionality


Secure and future-proof ecosystem

Agile, secure and scalable by design

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Quantillion builds technology for primary metals industry that let every worker, every machine and every plant use data to continuously and autonomously improve safety, quality and output.

If you are interested in what our Industrial AI platform can mean for your organization, we are here to help.

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