Analyst — AI for Resource Efficiency (Working Student)

About us:

Pioneer in autonomizing industrial operations, Quantillion revolutionizes the way equipment and operators work together and the way workflows are optimized.

Quantillion’s software helps to autonomize core operations by connecting all separate workflows and agents, both humans and machines, into one easy-to-use use user interface, with one layer of business logic and artificial intelligence, for precise control and process management.

For the past 4 years, Quantillion has developed and deployed autonomous decision solutions using Artificial Intelligence and Robust Planning. Integrating it with our client’s business operations and IT, we create more profitable, more resilient and responsive operations.

Proud to be working with multiple equipment suppliers, we see ourselves as an integration partner in an international industrial sector. Headquartered in Amsterdam, our highly skilled and passionate people make sure to drive industry forward by putting data to work!

Job description:

Quantillion is looking for an Analyst who is eager get involved in making the heavy industry more sustainable with Artificial Intelligence.

Beyond excellent technical skills, we are looking for the right attitude: ambition, creativity, open-mindedness and perseverance.

In the role of Analyst, you will research and derive new ways to build a cleaner and more resource efficient heavy industry. Together with your Quantillion colleagues and our partners you gather (realtime) data from core processes which you will study and model. With your team of 3 to 5 people you will advise industrial complexes and plants on how to improve their resource efficiency using Artificial Intelligence.

Preferred experience:

There is no typical profile at Quantillion, we all come from different backgrounds and that is what makes us strong!

Do not hesitate to apply if you are motivated by sales and interested in innovative AI systems.

We are looking for:

  • Passion for using artificial intelligence to help improve the resource efficiency of heavy industry
  • Background in or affinity with a quantitative/analytical field (e.g. mathematics, physics, econometrics).
  • Working knowledge of high-level programming language such as R or Python
  • Ability to communicate important findings clearly and concisely
  • Ability to work with a team of both technical as well as non-technical people on solving problems
  • Adaptability to the quickly moving and changing environment that Quantillion is
  • Willingness to visit clients both at home (Europe) as well as abroad (e.g. North America, Asia)
  • Eagerness to learn continuously as well as to share knowledge with the rest of our team
  • Ability to speak up when necessary and ensure that the best idea always wins
  • And most of all — eagerness to work together with some of the smartest minds in the industry on solving the challenges of tomorrow

We offer:

  • A chance to really make an impact in one of the defining shifts of our time
  • An opportunity to work on the intersection of artificial intelligence and heavy industry
  • A playful environment with a multicultural and multinational fun team
  • Space and time to truly dedicate yourself to incredibly difficult challenges to solve
  • Secondary perks, such as lunch, public transport and drinks

Recruitment process:

  1. Send us your motivation letter and CV
  2. 45 minutes call with the Recruitment Team
  3. After passing the first round, you will be invited for a technical challenge
  4. 1 hour meeting with Hilbrand (CEO of Quantillion)

Any further questions?
If you have any specific questions, you can call us at +31 85 060 52 88 or reach out to us via