AI / ML engineer (Medior – Senior)


AI / ML engineer (Medior – Senior)


Do you want to make a meaningful impact today with your AI / ML skills in the heavy industry of tomorrow? Do you have what it takes to make the worldwide heavy industry safer, environmental friendlier and more efficient, all at the same time? Are you interested in building AI-based autonomous decision-making systems from the ground up? Then look no further.

Quantillion is looking for an engineer with hands-on experience in artificial intelligence and especially machine learning who will develop learning algorithms to be used in plants to derive new ways to optimize processes. Together with a highly skilled development team, clients, and our partners you will build the new industry standard combining new technologies and in-depth market knowledge. This to revolutionize industrial plants by improving their resource efficiency.


Quantillion builds state-of-the-art software for the heavy industry. We focus on designing, developing, and deploying integrated solutions that jointly optimize our client’s logistical, energy management, and communication processes. In this way, optimization is defined in the broadest sense of the word: we want to make industrial plants a better place for workers, more valuable for owners, and friendlier to the environment. We work and partner with leading companies worldwide in creating autonomous decision systems.

We are really passionate about defining and building applications that solve mission-critical challenges which our clients face now and will face in the future. We have proved and thus firmly believe that AI is one of the primary tools that is able to tackle the current and future complexities our clients have to overcome.

Job description

We are looking for a highly motivated artificial intelligence / machine learning engineer to develop Quantillion’s proprietary learning algorithms that are being used in our Autonomous Decision-making systems for optimizing client processes.

Beyond excellent technical skills, we are looking for the right attitude: ambition, creativity, open-minded and perseverance.

Highlighting strong values such as innovation, excellence and team spirit, Quantillion’s team keeps pushing boundaries to invent the future of Autonomous Decision solutions.

Your future responsibilities:

  • Designing both data-heavy and data-lean learning solutions that aids in solving our clients challenges.
  • Actually developing, coding, and testing the mission-critical learning algorithms.
  • Supporting our development team to implement successful algorithms.
  • Researching new AI techniques / solutions for future solutions.
  • Improving and safe-guarding the full learning architecture and data pipeline that is necessary to build learning solutions.
  • Supporting business/product development with insights and ideas.

Preferred experience

There is no typical profile at Quantillion, we all come from different backgrounds and that is what makes us strong!

Don’t hesitate to apply if you are motivated and believe you would be a great addition to our team!

We are looking for:

  • Strong experience (3 years or more) with the complete implementation of full-fletched machine learning and/or other AI solutions.
  • Background in or demonstrable affinity with a quantitative field (e.g. mathematics, physics, econometrics, operations research).
  • Someone who is not afraid to wrangle with (un)structured data.
  • Being familiar with applying the scientific way of thinking (with an interest in the combined application of AI / ML / Operations Research technologies to solve real-world problems). That is, iterating over potential solutions, developing hypotheses from ideas, testing these hypotheses by means of prototyping, etc.
  • Hands-on experience with the full development of (multi-agent) reinforcement learning systems (i.e. designing the RL framework, build environments, develop (multi-)agent entities, implement (deep) RL algorithms for policy optimization and extract insights from learned policies and value functions).
  • Basic knowledge of the (logistical) problems the field of operations research tries to solve.
  • Having a feeling for software engineering practices (basic idea of common algorithms and data structures).
  • Comfortable in working with databases (RDBMS, NoSQL).
  • Experience with a general-purpose programming language (preferably Python), data wrangling libraries (e.g. NumPy, pandas, etc.), machine / deep learning packages (e.g. SciPy/scikit-learn, TensorFlow and/or Keras, Gym, etc.) and source version control (Git/Bitbucket).
  • Someone who enjoys working in a multi-disciplinary team of both technical as well as non-technical people on solving problems.
  • Team player with positive attitude.
  • Familiarity with multicultural work environments, comfortable with start-up culture
  • Who makes sure that the best idea always wins and isn’t afraid to speak up if necessary
  • Resilient, good communications & wants to excel

Bonus points:

  • Additional years of experience in (software) development or related fields.
  • (Basic) Knowledge of JavaScript/TypeScript.
  • Knowledge & interest about the heavy industry.
  • Already familiar with build learning solutions related to logistics and/or energy management.

Moving forward

If after all of this you’re interested in applying to Quantillion, these are the proceeding steps:

  1. Send us your motivation and CV
  2. CV screening
  3. Meet and greet
  4. Technical interview / technical challenge

Any further questions?

If you have any specific questions, you can call us at +31 85 060 52 88 or reach out to us via

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Quantillion builds technology for primary metals industry that let every worker, every machine and every plant use data to continuously and autonomously improve safety, quality and output.

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