Challenge yourself (design your own job)


Challenge yourself (design your own job)


At Quantillion Technologies, we are always looking for new talent to help us improve the primary metals industry.

There are endless ways in which talented, experienced and passionate people such as you can contribute to our mission and our team. This is your opportunity to tell us how you are going to help Quantillion forward, in a way that we have not thought of yet ourselves!

How will you help us to build solutions that enable our clients to understand and control their factories and plants at their fingertips?

Be prepared to get your hands dirty.

At Quantillion, we’re really passionate about building software and artificial intelligence that solves mission-critical challenges under extreme conditions. We partner worldwide with leading companies in creating autonomous decision systems for heavy industry (i.e. primary metals and mining).

We’re all about doing. Our technology is used to immediately enable cyber-physical systems to continuously and autonomously drive improvements. That is because we believe that by closing the loop between (autonomous) machines, operators and core processes we can create safer, better working environments so that industries can focus on their core strengths — inventing and producing products that bring the world forward.

We are looking for a passionate team player…

  • …who is mission-driven and understands the impact and value that (s)he can add to our team, culture and solutions.
  • …who enjoys working with a team of both technical as well as non-technical people on solving problems.
  • …who is comfortable with the quickly moving and changing environment that Quantillion is, as well as the exposure to clients both at home (the Netherlands) as well as abroad (e.g. North America, Asia).
  • …who is eager to learn continuously as well as to share knowledge with the rest of our team.
  • …who makes sure that the best idea always wins and isn’t afraid to speak up when necessary.
  • …and who — most of all — likes to have a lot of fun in working together with some of the smartest minds in the industry on solving the challenges of tomorrow.

We would like to make you an offer you cannot resist.

  • A chance to really make an impact in one of the defining shifts of our time.
  • The opportunity to work on the intersection of artificial intelligence and heavy industry.
  • A playful environment with a multicultural and multinational fun team.
  • Space and time to truly dedicate yourself to incredibly difficult challenges to solve.
  • Secondary conditions, such as lunch, public transport and drinks.
  • Money.

Moving forward.

If after all of this you’re still interested in applying to Quantillion — let’s face it, you probably are — you can expect three rounds in our application procedure, each with a go/no-go moment.

  1. CV screening.
  2. Meet and greet (at our office in Amsterdam).
  3. Technical interview/technical challenge (at our office in Amsterdam).

Any further questions?
If you have any specific questions, you can call us at +31 85 060 52 88 or reach out to us via

Challenge us

Quantillion builds technology for primary metals industry that let every worker, every machine and every plant use data to continuously and autonomously improve safety, quality and output.

If you are interested in what our Industrial AI platform can mean for your organization, we are here to help.

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